Surprisingly Inspirational Wisdom

Margaret is all of four feet, eleven and three quarter’s inches tall. She has even had people ask what a ‘little girl like her could have to say to anyone’. Then Margaret starts to talk. She has been told by the some of the same people that when she talks she is ‘six feet tall and bullet proof’. Margaret doesn’t mind being called a little girl, she considers it a compliment. Among other topics, Margaret speaks on ‘Who But I?’ It is about living your life as an amazing journey that is hard to believe is possible even by those who have lived it. Margaret infuses this inspirational and empowering topic with enchanting true stories from her own life. You will laugh, and yes at times, probably cry as you travel this remarkable journey unlike any other with Margaret Briem.

Due to her vast life experience, Margaret also talks on topics including Enhancing Communication by Building a Collaborative Environment, 10 Essential Keys to Confident Parenting, and Success and Self-Care. Margaret also speaks and provides training on the subjects of Business Planning, Marketing, The Sales Pipeline, Leadership, Behavior Modification in both adults and children, How to Train Others as well as other topics relating to personal development, business and parenting. You can’t go wrong with Margaret.

Margaret has spoken at international events, national conferences, regional conferences, local meetings and small gatherings. No audience is too large or too intimate for Margaret to turn away. Margaret has also hosted many events, been a last minute backup without a script and performed the duties of Mistress of Ceremonies many times. She can think fast on her feet managing the unexpected with professionalism and grace. Have an event and lost your script, or the person hired is ill? Don’t panic, Margaret can pull it off without a script and leave the audience inspired, impressed and asking for more.

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The Keynote Experience

Dynamic and energetic, your audience will learn the topic while having a great time. They will be inspired, laugh and have an emotional attachment to the information provided. Don’t be surprised if your audience dances, sings or even bats a beach ball around, because you never know what fun thing Margaret might bring with her. Serious or fun, when you have Margaret present your Keynote, you know it will be something long remembered, and leave the audience wanting to come back next time for more. Keynotes are 30 minutes to 2 hours long, tailored for your and your audience’s needs and preferences.



The Training Event

Need to increase productivity, enhance time management skills, improve team results, or optimize the benefits your organization realizes from the current resources available? Margaret provides a captivating and enlightening learning experience that will benefit your organization in multiple ways. We don’t live or work in a vacuum with a single focus and chances are that if your organization is having challenges in a particular area, there are surrounding issues as well.

The training event brought to your organization with be customized to meet your organizational needs. Your training event can be 4 to 8 hours or a two to three day event.



Meeting Enhancement

If your organization has periodic meetings and you need value added training of 30 minutes to one hour, we are the organization to provide you with that value. Margaret and her team can customize a program increasing knowledge in focused areas in sequential increments to meet the needs of your organization. If you are looking for occasional valued added training of 30 minutes to one hour that are not sequenced Margaret and her team can provide that as well. Either way, your team will have gained valuable knowledge while becoming inspired and motivated to implement what they have learned.



The Breakout Session

Margaret and her team can provide fun, information packed and positive breakout sessions on a variety of personal and business development topics. Need to increase communication skills or create a collaborative environment? Do you have to convey distinctions between two similar approaches to working with others? Do you need to strengthen a particular skill? Margaret and her team can enhance any conference or event to meet the needs of the attendees.