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Coaching packages are customized to meet your needs. The best way to decide if coaching is for you and what coaching package meets your needs is to participate in a free coaching session.

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Who But I?

6 sessions – 50 minutes per session

Everyone wants their time on Earth to mean something. Most want to know what their purpose here on Earth is. The
Who But I? tele-class series takes you through the steps of self-discovery, discovering your life’s purpose, and getting
started on designing your life to fulfill your purpose and give your life meaning. This soulful journey is like nothing you
have experienced before, and its significance to who you are is unsurpassed. Register NOW to …

  • Eliminate time wasters from your life and gain back four hours a week just for you.
  • Take great care of yourself and get to know yourself again.
  • Define your values, not just your priorities.
  • Define your needs and learn how to get them met.
  • Align your life with your values and needs.
  • Understand why you want what you want and how to live the life you love.
  • Design your life and lifestyle, so you are happy and stress free.
  • Give your life meaning.
  • Understand the unique purpose of your life.
  • Align with your soul.


Got Stress?

1 Session: 1 Hour: FREE!

Stress is a huge part of most people’s lives today. Unfortunately, it has a negative effect on health, wellness, focus,
lifestyle and relationships. Stress is the cause of 75% to 90% of all doctor visits. Learn what the underlying cause of
stress is in your life. What you can do to manage your stress effectively until it can be eliminated. Ultimately, learn
how to eliminate your stress once and for all. This class is a must for all who want to improve their lives, and not just
complain about it. Register NOW for this free and yet benefit-rich, and possibly lifesaving hour. Tell those you love
about this opportunity.


Business Plan Bootcamp

6 Sessions – 50 Minutes per Session

The number one reason for business failure is no Business Plan, or not following a Business Plan. A Business Plan is
a “Living Document” guiding your action for success. If you do not have a Business Plan, or put one away somewhere
long ago and do not refer to it often, then you have a plan for failure. Even if you have a great Business Plan and use it,
it should be updated regularly. No one who is in business for themselves can afford to miss this class. Register NOW
to set yourself up for success. RIGHT NOW is the right time to take action for Success! While not required, it is highly
recommended that you attend Marketing Plans That Work before attending Business Plan Bootcamp. You will be glad you did.


Professional Performance Pipeline

6 Sessions – 50 Minutes per Session

Many business ‘gurus’ teach about building lists, but then the information about what to do with the list is often not
available. The Performance Pipeline is a marketing and sales system that produces results. This system not only produces
results but helps you track where those results come from, so you can reproduce your most successful efforts and have
a higher income rate, faster and easier. This tele-class for independent contractors and small business owners, will teach
you how to grow your lists, what to do with your lists, how to analyze your sales process for success and once someone
buys how to keep them coming back for more. This is vital information for running a profitable business. Register NOW
to learn how to become more PROFITABLE.


Marketing Plans That Work

6 Sessions – 50 Minutes per Session

Just like Business Plans, most independent contractors and small business owners do not have a Marketing Plan, and
if they do, they still do not understand what actions to take daily while working in their business. If you do not have a
Marketing Plan, you will not have a business long. Marketing Plans That Work not only guides you through developing
your own Marketing Plan, but when you complete this course, you will have calendarized action steps telling you what
action steps are needed daily while working in your business. If you want a successful, profitable and growing business,
this class is a must! Register NOW to have a calendarized action plan for Success, Profit and Growth.


Success and Self-Care

8 Sessions – 50 Minutes per Session

Are you too busy to take care of you? Are you tired? Are you resentful? Do you feel overwhelmed? Every man and
woman should take this class that helps you be the person you need to be in your own world and for those you care for.
Register NOW so you can learn to:

  • Eliminate stress.
  • Bring pleasure back into your life.
  • Be well.
  • Find joy again.
  • Make yourself feel special.
  • Meet your own needs.