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About Margaret Briem


Dynamic and compelling, Margaret Briem lives life on her own terms. As a Life Coach for the past decade, Margaret has supported many others to fine-tune their own lives the same way. As someone who processes her own obstacles verbally, Margaret automatically sees the roadblocks and then decides the direction she wants to go regardless of what stands in her way. ‘When I see what I want I go for it. It is never a matter of I cannot have that, it is a matter of I want it so I just need to figure out how to get it.’ Margaret always has a plan A, B and C.

As someone who has lived life to the fullest, Margaret has served in the United States Army in a military intelligence battalion, been a teen parent, served on non-profit boards, and was a foster and adoptive parent. She performed the duties of assistant training NCO in the military, and while working in Real Estate, trained the new agents in her office. Margaret served as the Extreme Self Care Special Interest Group host for Coach U for five years. She also founded a chapter of a national networking organization for women and performed the duties of president for two years.

Margaret has contributed to the parenting of 37 kids. She took on Sacramento County, California, attending court on average four days a month for a year and a half, changing three policies that violated the law and harmed foster children and their families. Margaret simply does not give up.

Currently, Margaret continues to run her small corporation working as a life coach, trainer, speaker and internet entrepreneur. She has fourteen children and eleven grandchildren. Margaret and her husband have been married for eighteen years. They live with nine of their children, three cats and two birds in Ohio.

Margaret has spoken at national, regional, and local events. She has appeared before international audiences as well. Audience size has ranged from hundreds to very intimate gatherings. Margaret has also hosted many events, been at last minute backup without a script and performed the duties of Mistress of Ceremonies many times. She can think fast on her feet managing the unexpected with professionalism and grace.


About Coaching


Coaching is a dynamic relationship dedicated to your success. Your coach will assess where you have a strong foundation for success and where you have obstacles blocking your success. Your coach will support you in overcoming your obstacles with much less effort than you ever could alone. You can set your goals high and your coach will help you plan the steps to achieve those goals, not tell you that your goals are too high, or your dreams impossible. You can achieve your dreams with a well laid out plan and the proper support.

While working with a coach you will learn how to meet your unmet needs, and fine tune your life to be a life you love. In those times that you are feeling weak and want to give in, your coach will be there to support you. If you get off track your coach will help you to regain your focus and move forward. Your coach will also give you someone to be accountable to, so when you need that little extra support, you know who to go to and get the support you need. Those with a coach achieve what seems impossible and what wouldn’t be accomplished without a coach. No one who wants to be successful can afford to be without a coach.

During your appointments your life coach will help you define what you are looking for to enhance your life. A typical appointment is about 45 minutes and will include discussions about your goals, obstacles, and the support you need. Coaching makes life easier and provides a confidant. You have no concerns your information will be shared, as it could be with a trusted family member or friend. Everything about you is kept confidential. Appointments are usually conducted via phone.


Benefits of Coaching


1. More money

  • Most clients report that they are netting or saving more money after 6-12 months with a coach.
  • When you focus on money and use the coach as a guide, you’ll probably make more of it.
  • A coach can help you significantly reduce your expenses and develop new ways to earn more.


2. More of life

  • A coach works with all of you and helps integrate what works and helps you get rid of the rest.
  • A coach helps you set goals that mean more to you; no shoulds, coulds, or ought tos.
  • A coach expects you to invest in the quality and depth of your life and helps you to do it, too.


3. More of a network and community

  • Personal and professional success comes much more easily when you have a strong network.
  • The coach will work with you to attract high quality people and opportunities.
  • The coach will help you strengthen the network and community you already have.


4. Better decisions

  • When you are willing to discuss ideas and concerns with someone who is independent yet subjective, you’ll usually make better decisions.
  • A mirror always helps. Winners are always willing to get feedback and ideas from others.
  • Sometimes a coach acts like an insurance policy and points out danger areas you can’t see.


5. Faster development

  • If you’re interested in “growing yourself”, the coach can double the rate of your development.
  • The coach can help you zero in on the blocks and resolve them so you can move forward.
  • Some coaches work with clients who are ready to complete their development.


6. Fewer problems

  • A coach will help you extend your boundaries so far that trouble stops coming near you.
  • A coach often helps a client to significantly raise their standards so that problems aren’t caused!
  • When a client is working on goals that express their values, they have less chance for mischief.
  • Great to have a partner
  • Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone.
  • When you’re a company leader, you NEED someone to hang with and discuss the tough stuff.
  • With a coach, you have a partner who won’t keep the profits.